Meet Me Here, L.L.C. Press Release

September 9, 2015

(CHICAGO) – has launched a new Apple iOS mobile app designed to make business and casual travel more exciting, social and interactive. Developed by Montreal, Canada-based Guarana Technologies, the app provides travelers with a safe and easy platform to meet new friends and contacts while traveling.

The Apple iOS app displays member travel locations, events that members have created, and events that members are joining worldwide. Users simply click on a profile picture to view and message members safely and privately. To find out information on upcoming events, members can then click and view details, join events, and post messages about the event on the public message board.


Members can easily post where they are traveling to, where they are available to meet, or show when they are unavailable. Once a worldwide location is entered, will display three categories:
#1: Host: displays members that are available at a given location.
#2: Travelers: displays which members will be traveling to a given location.
#3: Events: our events category will show upcoming event that members are hosting and posted. If users don't see any members events, the app also interacts with EventBrite, allowing members to see public upcoming events at their destination.

Once members locate a host or traveler, they simply click on the profile or event and begin to interact with other members.

The app also has a message function for members that provides them with access to their message history, and displays all personal and group messages. offers a safe, friendly way to interact with members. By offering private messaging, you can connect with members without giving away your personal information. also offers group messaging, allowing members to meet ahead of time and discuss event detail. By clicking the @ symbol, members can also add Facebook friends to the conversation. Members also have the ability to privately message a member in the group chat, by simply clicking on the profile picture. This will exit group chat and display the member’s profile. From here, members can message privately.

On the profile page, many functions are offered:
#1: Edit profile picture, username, and edit bio.
#2: Displays members’ posts, including “traveling to” locations, available location, and events members have created or joined.
#3: Create an event: Simply give the event a name, list the worldwide location, exact place of event, and time/date. By giving the exact location, members can view the address and open in Maps, to copy address and get directions.
#4: Access all settings, such as push notification, and "Share HereTo Meet."

Founded in 2014 by Dave Tavares, the site allow people to focus on real-world interaction rather than status updates or impersonal tweets. provides a new and exciting way to meet friends in only a few easy steps. First, users select their travel destination, personal interests and dates of travel. Tavares created after traveling around the world as a member of the influential band Tub Ring. Realizing it’s crucial to create a personal social network when visiting unfamiliar cities, Tavares incorporated his experiences into the site to give people the same sense of community that comes about when meeting people with similar interests in a real-world social setting.

Dave Tavares
(708) 926-5251